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    Model Agnostic Information Biasing for VQA
    Shah, Nikhil, Singhal, Apoorve, Singh, Chinmay, and Khandelwal, Yash
    In 8th ACM IKDD CODS and 26th COMAD 2021


  1. IVPAI
    Real-time lane detection, fitting and navigation for unstructured environments
    Singhal, Apoorve, Mohta, Vibhakar, Jha, Arvind, Khandelwal, Yash, Agrawal, Deepank, Kowshik, Shreyas, Agarwal, Siddhant, Shrivastava, Shrey, Lodhi, Vaibhav, and Chakravarty, Debashish
    In 2019 International Conference on Image and Video Processing, and Artificial Intelligence 2019
  2. ICCRT
    A Prototype of an Intelligent Ground Vehicle for Constrained Environment: Design and Development
    Singhal, Apoorve, Mohta, Vibhakar, Khandelwal, Yash, Patnaik, Adarsh, Patel, Manthan, Godbole, Jaydeep, Priya, Shruti, Dey, Sombit, Shrivastava, Shrey, Jhunjhunwala, Anand, Kowshik, Shreyas, Agrawal, Deepank, Agarwal, Siddhant, Jha, Arvind, Singh, Rishabh, Raj, Kousshik, Sahoo, Shubham, Singh, Ashutosh, Mallik, Ritwik, Lodhi, Vaibhav, and Chakravarty, Debashish
    In Proceedings of the 2019 2nd International Conference on Control and Robot Technology 2019